Mentor 2014

2014_Mentor_team fourth place  2014_Mentor_Richie and Reagan2014_Mentor_Richie and Jason  2014_Mentor_Richie and Arman2014_Mentor_Reagan and Asher 2014_Mentor_ninth graders 2014_Mentor_Nick and Evan 2014_Mentor_Nick and EmilyS 2014_Mentor_Nick and Asher  2014_Mentor_Nick and Alex2014_Mentor_Michael and EmilyS  2014_Mentor_Michael and Asher2014_Mentor_Grace and Denali 2014_Mentor_fourth place 2014_Mentor_EmilyT and Dominic 2014_Mentor_EmilyS and Michael 2014_Mentor_EmilyM and Nick  2014_Mentor_Dominic and Grace2014_Mentor_Arman and Richie  2014_Mentor_Alex and Jason

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