Congratulations! Chardon Science Olympiad State Finals results for 2017

Congratulations to students participating in the Ohio State Finals Science Olympiad Competition on April 1st, 2017.
The C Division team (representing grades 9-12) placed 5th. The B Division Team, representing grades 6-9, placed 8th.
Chardon Science Olympiad thanks you for your support and encouragement!

Awards in Individual Events are as Follows:
Division B (grades 6-9)
3rd Place – Wright Stuff (airplanes) – Evan Baker and Owen Vokoun
5th Place – Hovercraft – Sebastian Marker and Ethan Fuerst
5th Place – Invasive Species – Josh Campbell and Brady Williams
5th Place – Rocks and Minerals – Ethan Fuerst and Owen Vokoun
6th Place – Bottle Rockets – Ethan Fuerst and Paige Yamamoto
6th Place – Microbe Mission –Sara Conway and Lailah Pugh

Division C (grades 9-12)
1st Place – Astronomy – Nick Schragal and Heather Humbert
2nd Place – Robot Arm – Drew Williams and Alex Schragal
3rd Place – Helicopters – Halle Crtalic and Richie Wainio
3rd Place – Materials Science – Nick Schragal and Richie Wainio
4th Place – Disease Detectives – Richie Wainio and Arman Bayat
4th Place – Rocks and Minerals – Asher Vokoun and Christen Niedzielski
5th Place – Electric Vehicle – Connor Fuerst and Alex Schragal
5th Place – Forensics – Emily Munoz and Emily Stern
5th Place – Hovercraft – Connor Fuerst and Halle Crtalic
5th Place – Invasive Species – Asher Vokoun and Emily Munoz
5th Place – Microbe Mission – Arman Bayat and Richie Wainio
6th Place – Game On – Colby and Drew Williams
6th Place Remote Sensing – Colby and Drew Williams
Top 6 – Wi Fi Lab (trial event) – Connor Fuerst and John Meleski