Kenston 2017 B and C Divisons

Congratulations to students participating in the Kenston Invitational on January 14, 2017.
The C Division team (representing grades 9-12) took a seventh place trophy.
Awards in individual events are as follows:
Division B (6-9th grade):
5th Place – Rocks and Minerals – Sara Conway and Reagan Halford
6th Place – Fast Facts – Owen Vokoun and Brady Williams
6th Place – Optics –  Jason Watson and Jack Dvorak (not pictured)
7th Place – Rocks and MInerals – Ethan Fuerst and Owen Vokoun
8th Place – Invasive Species – Josh Campbell and Brady Williams
Division C (9-12 grade)
2nd Place – Disease Detectives – Heather Humbert and Richie Wainio
2nd Place – Materials Science – Nick Schragal and Richie Wainio
3rd Place – Invasive Species – Emily Munoz and NIck Schragal
3rd Place – Rocks and Minerals – Christen Niedzielski and Asher Vokoun
3rd Place – Towers – Richie Wainio and Megan McCartney
4th Place –  Game On – Tyler Mothersbaugh and Drew Williams
4th Place – Hydrogeology – Emily Munoz and Drew Williams
4th Place – Remote Sensing – Nick Schragal and Richie Wainio
5th Place – Astronomy – Heather Humbert and Nick Schragal
5th Place – Helicopters – Richie Wainio and Drew Williams
5th Place – Robot Arm – Connor Fuerst and Alex Schragal
6th Place – Dynamic Planet – Colby and Drew Williams
6th Place – Write It Do It – Halle Crtalic and Drew Williams
7th Place – Ecology – Megan McCartney and Emily Munoz
7th Place – Microbe Mission – Tyler Mothersbaugh and Richie Wainio
7th Place – Wind Power – Halle Crtalic and Emily Munoz
8th Place – Anatomy – Arman Bayat and Rachel Yates
8th Place – Invasive Species – Asher Vokoun